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 Time to boost your own bodies ability to heal and stay healthy

Remember good whole food, less processed and moderation. Include moderate  exercise  and other stress reducing rituals as well as keeping social and having a good old laugh.

( Yes a tricky balance but it can be done )

Boosting immunity and balancing Qi at the change of seasons so now a great time  to have a treatment


Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture, ACNM 2005
Advanced Diploma of Health Science Acupuncture, ACNM 2004
Certificate iv An Mo Tui Na, ACNM 2003
Diploma of Applied Science Nursing, Monash University 1991
Acupuncture for the cancer patient, MSKCC 2012
Level I instructor, KRI 2010
Viseral Manipulation: VM 1, Listening, MALE
AACMA Member since 2002